Vital Japanese phrases for the deranged

4 12 2007

First, a pronunciation key for general Japanese:
a = ah    i = ee (but very soft when it is not next to any vowels)    u = ooh ( also very soft by itself, most noticeably at the ends of common words)    e = eh    o = oh    ai = eye    ei = ‘ay    ou = ohhh    fu ~= hu    wo ~= something halfway between oh and whoa    any double vowel = just lengthen the syllable a bit

Kisama no ryoushin wo koroshite miteru.
I am trying to kill your parents, bastard!

Saa, sono pajama ga oishisou desu~!
Ooh, those pajamas look delicious!

Youkai no tomodachi wa “Kodomo wo tabeta hou ga ii da yo” to iimashita. Soshite, kodomo wa doko deshou ka?
My goblin friend(s) said, “It’s a good idea to eat children.” So, do you happen to know where there are children?

Watashi no musuko wo kaite kudasaimasen ka.
Won’t you please buy my son?

Bukkosha wo mirushi, chotto kawaii da yo.
I see dead people, and they’re kind of cute.




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