29 11 2007

Dear Blog,

I know I should be revising my Japanese essay right now, but it is looking at me furiously and trying to intimidate me away from touching it even after all this time.

So anyway, I felt like mentioning something odd I discovered two days ago.

There is this kid, “Roshi,” who is in my Japanese class, friends with my Japanese class friends, and also once seriously creeped me out by doing the prehensile-dolphin-genitals dance for everyone.
Roshi went with Hayley, Alisha, and me to…well, we were originally going to go to a place they called “Bubble Tea,” but after we got Chinese food (I ate rice!), we found it was closed, and instead we spent the evening tickling caged cats at the pet store (even Hayley, who is allergic), poking through one of those giant bookstore chains (where I just kind of planted myself by the manga and started reading a climactic scene from the last volume of Death Note) before Anime Club commenced. Along the way, I actually freaking talked! Go me!
Anyway, I found out in our various conversations that this Roshi and I both:
-would drop out of college if we were rich, and instead take all manner of unrelated classes at any colleges we wanted to with no pressure
-hope never to beget children
-want to dye our hair white, although I would have an easier time of it because my hair is already lightish
I am not sure if that was all of them or not, but I thought it was weird to have unusual things in common with someone. Heck, I find it weird when I have major things in common with people. People are…you know, alien.

Okay, I am not sure what the point was of writing this.

In other news, the Japanese language is still taunting me. I wonder if I should go to a tutorial session or something, or if I even can do so?

Violet Black

Postscript: I seriously want Mommy to search through my three-in-the-morning-in-my-nightie-in-the-bathroom-mirror photos in case there are any good ones that I can post on websites.




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