The same plot?!

3 11 2007

Dear Blog,

Something depressing just happened. I realized that Naomi’s novel and Keni’s webcomic, both of which I have spent years planning, have almost identical plots, except with different amounts and timing of violence. Yet, after all that time invested, it would be difficult to give up either one… ;_; I love the characters too much (and definitely the parts of the world I have explored so far)… For example, Rinzii has no parallel in Naomi’s tale, nor do Ashorii, the psychotic nurses, or Rozetta the Hyperactive Mage. On the other hand, Naomi is not able to give her true subjective opinions in the comic, nor does the comic include Samekh or the wacky foreigners Naomi meets in her travels. (There are also a few crossover characters, such as Naomi, Keni, Mawata, Athena, and eventually adult Keni’s family.) But…to what degree will readers criticize the similarities of their journeys?

Maybe it is significant that Keni and Naomi handle their problems and solutions much differently–that is, Keni falls a lot harder but accepts help more readily, whereas in Naomi’s case it takes the loss of a close friend before anything changes, and even then she has trouble reforming her worldview.

Yes, I post all this without telling what the actual plots are.

Love and confusion,
Violet Black




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