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26 10 2007

Me (after reading some more articles on demons-will-claim-to-be-aliens-and-bring-back-the-Nephilim-through-UFO-abductee-sexual-abuse theory): God save the Nephilim!!!!!

God: Rahab the Prostitute.

Me: Oh, okay.

On a marginally related note, that alien-baby skull was finally given a good ol’ DNA test, and they found…nothing. Literally, they could not find its DNA. They are sure it is there somewhere, but all they found so far was its human mitochondria proving that it had a human mother. I wonder if it even has DNA. It has occurred to me before that a spirit being would not have much in the way of genes to give to a child, so I was always rather confused on the genetic makeup of a hybrid…

Do I sound like a nut? ^^’

Oh, well. As long as I probably do, how about “The Columbine Cause” by Evan Long suggesting that there were shooters besides the two who became nationally infamous (and possibly other surprising details that I have not gotten far enough to hear about)?




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31 10 2007

Hi, Pretts,

Another possibility is that this was a creature from a creation that occurred before the present creation. A lot of Christians believe that ours was not the first creation on Earth, which is entirely possible. The Bible speaks of a “new heavens and new Earth” that will be made after the present creation passes away. It’s possible that this creature had something LIKE DNA but not exactly the same thing, so it would be something we wouldn’t know enough about to identify. There are a few possibilities. But you should be turning the computer off at 11 and going to bed.

Love, Mom

3 11 2007

Hmm, I never thought about that! I guess it never really occurred to anyone because of how close the non-DNAish skeleton was to a regular-looking human skeleton.

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