Still up late…

25 10 2007

Dear Blog,

I thought I would get to bed early tonight (at last!!!!!), but I got out of the shower at about 1:30 and am still not done with my Japanese homework. In fact, I am a little bit stuck–I tried googling the proper honorific politeness level to use when speaking to a parent, but to no avail.

[Update: I am now finished and ready to turn in. It is 3:14. Better than 6:00, eh?)

In other news, massive sleep deprivation combined with the scariness of this conspiracy theory have spawned a plot to found an experimental socialist dictatorship in Antarctica where doctors from all over the world would be hired to keep a sizable bunch of random formerly-unhealthy third world refugees alive and healthy for as long as possible, with all factors and results being broadcast internationally (and serious financial consequences for employees who screw up). Yay Antarctica! Nobody owns it yet, right?

I wonder how much more sleep deprivation is required before I start hallucinating.

I am still stressing over my homework. Other than my unfinished Japanese, I also have test corrections on a Filmmaking class exam that I have…not started yet. The class is tomorrow. There also might be a lengthy assignment involving splicing other people’s discarded film together to produce a certain variety of well-executed cuts–which, for reasons beyond my control, I was unable to get started on in class–and this assignment might be due either tomorrow or a week from tomorrow. I E-mailed the teacher to ask which. It frustrated me a lot that I had on one to look over my E-mail to make sure it was appropriately worded.

Speaking of appropriate wordings, I should definitely get back to my Japanese.

Thank you for reading this, Imaginary Fan Who Does Not Exist But Apparently Overcomes That Limitation Enough To Read My Innermost Thoughts.

Violet Black




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