Brief update

24 10 2007

Dear Blog,

I am not depressed anymore. Sure, I am still killing myself slowly and whatnot, but I am cool with it (for some reason).

I spent the time after Japanese class with Hayley…playing the Sims, going to the cafeteria, baking cookies, visiting other people’s dorms, and of course attending anime club. I am doing friend stuff like a human bean! ❤

In other news, The Ex-Long-Haired-Kid, alias “Dan” among Earth creatures, glimpsed my panties because my stupid clothes like to sag on me. D*** clothes, they fit fine when I got them. This turn of events distresses me, especially after I figured out that Random Dorm Occupant Dan = The (now-Ex-)Long-Haired-Kid and began caring whether he formed any opinions of me. Because people who have at any point in their lives had long hair are not allowed to observe me or my undergarments. It is the law.

Love of some sort,
Violet Black




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