Not doing so well with homework

24 09 2007

Dear Blog,

In Japanese class today, I realized that we had had a homework assignment that I had not done. Probably due in part to the self-help tapes, I was not severely traumatized, but it is still far from a good thing. (I think I shall try to get it done tonight just for the heck of it.) I am worried about how I am progressing with school, though, since it was right on the syllabus. I had just been relying on my teachers’ verbal instructions to let me know what was due when, and apparently I had not been prompted to write down anything about this particular assignment.

Furthermore, I am supposed to write an essay for filmmaking class tomorrow about at least two documents which were supposed to be E-mailed to me, so today I took on the monumentous task of cleaning out my E-mail. I found an E-mail about my LAST essay in that class (which would have been useful to me if I had seen it back THEN), but I still do not know where the documents are that I am supposed to be writing about.

Furthermore, I have BASIC tonight, and I want to sleep.

I suck at time management. And pretty much everything else.

How is the floor coming along?

Violet Black




One response

25 09 2007

I think you’re doing well regardless, and now you’ve learned to check the syllabus and also printouts from your teachers. Don’t forget to get the filmmaking book.

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