Violet’s Quest Part II

18 09 2007

Dear Blog,

The Lord is gracious. I got the darn thing filmed. I finished it 10 minutes before class on the remainder of the torn film, and the frames actually advanced this time. I am proud of figuring out how to load the stupid Bolex after all that.

Now the problem is: I need a money order for $17 and I need it by 7:00PM today. I only have $13 on me in cash right now, and CVS only accepts cash for money orders. I think I will need a parental bailout or something like that.

I suppose the Lord will provide as always.

Anyway, the teacher does not want my film until she gets my money order. Oi.

Violet Black




2 responses

18 09 2007

Natties, call or something and let me know that you made it back in one piece tonight. Sistie says that you haven’t been on.

18 09 2007

I am very proud of the survival skills you are developing and that you figured out a solution to the problem. Also, the time on here is one hour behind. It’s actually around 11:15.

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