I hate being trapped.

17 09 2007

Dear Blog,

As long as I am too worried to sleep, I might as well elaborate on why this is a problem. With my camera being due back at noon and my not even knowing whether or not it can still be filmed on, there is not much chance of my being able to replace the footage. So if I am unable to turn something in, I will fail the assignment. If I fail one of the three major assignments in the class, I could get a low grade in the class. If I get a low grade in the class, I could get a low overall average this semester. If I get a low average, I could lose my scholarships. If I lose my scholarships, I will have to drop out of college. If I drop out of college, not only will I have no future, I will also not have much of a present, since my family cannot really afford to support me at home. In fact, we could all end up starving to death in a cardboard box. Therefore, messing up the loading of a roll of film = death. How the hell does anyone deserve to be under that kind of pressure?????

I know I will need to figure out a way to forget my troubles and sleep, since at this rate I am going to get 3 hours and 40 minutes of rest before I have to get up for my South Campus class, but what the hell does it matter if I am going to die?

Violet Black




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