17 09 2007

Dear Blog,

Yesterday and today, I did a homework assignment for Intro to Film class. The assignment was to use creative lighting, camera angles, etc. to make a portrait of some part of the human body. Mom yelled at me a lot while I figured out how to load the film crouched on my inexplicably sore legs in the closet with nowhere to set down the evil toaster of a camera while I worked, but eventually we got a bunch of footage of my sister and her eyes. I procrastinated a lot for taking out the film, but eventually I made a “The End” sign series, filmed it until the roll was used up, and then turned out my regular lamp to unload the film by the glaring light of my laptop.

Here comes the problem.

Instead of being neatly coiled around the takeup roll, the film was partly squiggled randomly around the inside of the camera, and mostly stuck on the original roll. Ohhhhhhhh hell. Hell. FSCKING HELLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now what do I do??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

( Note: The camera is due back at the rental place by noon tomorrow/Monday. The assignment itself is due on Tuesday at 11:00. The film will not be viewable/assessable for damage until after it is turned in, because the teacher must send it in to be processed along with all the other students’ rolls.)

Something a trifle too moody for love,
Violet Black




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