Now what?

26 08 2007

Dear Blog,

Now I am in a room. It is a big room, and I am the only person in it. There is one light fixture next to me, and Alice is singing to drown out the neighbor’s music. (How nice of him!)

(Come to think of it, I still do not know what tickets to buy for his Darien Lake opening on September 19. There are several different places I could sit, each with different prices and such…also, I wonder if my mother/chaffeur would like an Alice performance >_>)

Other news: I will be sitting in on an architecture class. Mainly because I can.
But also because I feel as though starting my comic/novel/video game thingy would be pointless if I do not yet know how the civilization is structured. (And in the case of the video game, it would be purposeless to build a sandbox full of materials whose rules are nonsensical.)

Back to the original subject…yeah, I am just sort of sitting here alone. I have things on the computer that I could do because I never really got around to them (or anything, as usual) over the summer, but I have this odd sensation as if I ought to be going somewhere…somewhere where there are people. Is that normal?

Oh, and I am at school and classes start tomorrow. Just thought that might be mentioning, too. ^^’

Violet Black


DeviantArt account is up.

12 08 2007

Dear Blog,

I just thought that you should know I reactivated my old DeviantArt account, which had been dormant for about three years. The URL is

Right now I only really have old old files retrospectively uploaded, but I plan on making some new art soon.

I hope I have enough time in college to draw as much as is necessary to improve.

Love always,
Violet Black