For poetry class

1 05 2007

Cash Only
(A simple lament of four-word lines)

So I was lazy,
sought breakfast at one.
Went the usual way
and saw–cash only???!!?
But my card always–
I could use it
anywhere, anytime for food
and have midnight snacks
wherever I might be.
I was not warned!
Thirty-seven eighty-one
remains on my card
Let me use it!
What is their problem?!?
What is the point
of starving their students??

My most used route
takes me past many
vending machines in succession
to allow more choices.
I check them all.
Good food, cash only.
Each and every one
I pass betrays me.
Starting from my dorm,
through the closest building
down the academic spine
to the Student Union
doubling back to others
outside my normal route,
each wants my cash,
even here in Governors.

I want my food!
I want my milk
and candy, quick energy,
and Hot Pocket nutrition!
Cheese, meat, tomato vitamins,
all I usually need
to hold me ’till dinner,
right there behind glass
yet so far away.
At least some Gatorade!
One machine has all
my favorite candy together
and I can’t touch.
Just give me anything!
I see crows outside,
but I can’t cook.

What would Jesus do?
Probably pick some figs
or fish with friends.
Not much help there.
Even restaurants are closed.
Each step in vain,
I keep moving forward
in the hope of
writing all this down.
I could fall over…
Bodily sugars worn out,
my blood grows thin,
this body ever weakening.
I starve to death.
Rats eat my corpse.

I feel so sad.




3 responses

1 05 2007

But I know that you had a little bit of cash on you–enough for a hot pocket! Girl, you have a job! Use a bit of your earnings for sustenance!

3 05 2007

I know! I was greatly distressed myself on finding that the card reading system had died on campus. Fortunately things have recovered, otherwise I’d have to keep walking to the Union many times day.

3 05 2007

also “rats eat my corpse” is possibly one of the best ways to end a poem. Ever.

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