I talked today.

26 04 2007

Dear Blog,

Okay, you know that Cellar restaurant in the Governors complex? The one I refused to go to because you have to order your own food there?

I talked to the people there today. I had to.

I went to the cafeteria as usual, but then I accidentally left my backpack and coat in the entrance stairway thing, and about 15 seconds after leaving them, I ran back and started knocking on the locked door. And pounding it. And kicking it. And pounding it again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Nobody came. I saw a cleaning person, but there were two TVs on with the volume all the way up, and I thought I also heard strains of music. So no response. Then I remembered that the Cellar was connected to the cafeteria, so desensitized to normal emotions by frustration and fatigue, I marched over to the Cellar and asked about my belongings. They were retrieved, and I went back to my dorm. And we all lived happily ever after. The end.

It did not really make up for my bungling the globalization presentation thingy, though. I wanted to hug my husband and cry, but I could not contact him.

Farewell. I shall sleep now.

Violet Black




4 responses

26 04 2007

Nice work on belonging retrieval, wouldn’t want to have to wait that long to get at all your stuffs. Anyway two things a) That last post was baffling and rather unusual. Even by the standards here. What’s the story with it? b) My condolences on whatever horrors occurred with your globalization presentation.

PS- Good luck on finals and what not.

27 04 2007

Josh, That’s just one of Natalie’s pieces of fiction. Since she was able to write, she has been creating fictional worlds, either through a comic strip or by planning her own video game world, which was why she originally wanted to major in computer science, or in a novel…or in a movie or a painting or a visual novel…you get the idea.

27 04 2007

Actually, yeah…In that post I was experimenting with a backstory for a sandbox game set on an asteroid ring and populated by avatars of every kind of anime being a person can think of…kind of like Gaia’s avatar system, I guess, but I wanted the biological variation to have a good reason. I am funny that way.

30 04 2007

Hmm, interesting. Sounded like an interesting thing, so I figured I’d ask. Anyway, back to work!

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