Argh! Why do I keep missing dinner??

5 03 2007

Dear Blog,

Missed dinner again. I got back to the dorm late because I had to work on a project that is due on Wednesday (and I will need to reserve the film editing room for it again because I did not finish all that I had to do), and then I had about five minutes left but had to attend to something bio-hygenic…so I have no dinner. I did think to bring candy with me to the media study thing, even though I am not sure if we are allowed to. (I did not spill anything on the poor helpless equipment, though.) Anyway, yeah, I have my regular homework load, plus that darn media study thing. Oh, and I have to register for classes by Wednesday, too! Aww, crap!

Violet Black




2 responses

6 03 2007

I thought you might miss dinner because of the time you scheduled for editing. I hope that you went to the vending machines and got yourself something!!! How did advisement go? On Wednesday and Thursday, I want you to attend to everything you need to attend to before your 4-7 classes so that you can rush straight to the cafeteria after class. Don’t go anywhere else first; go straight to the cafeteria! I hope that you will not have classes during the dinner hours next semester. You will get mentally confused and will physically have no energy if you don’t eat. I might send Daddy up there on Wed. and Thur. to take you to dinner if I get a chance to talk to him. Love, Mom

6 03 2007

Ever consider trying to get meal equivalance, so you can eat at the cellar after hours? If you have a class or activity or whatever during dinner hours you can go to the card office and then you can spend your meal money after the dining halls close. Assuming this commitment is a usual thing, not just an occasional thing.

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