Lost my book

28 02 2007

Dear Blog,

Today I was embarrassed in poetry class when I realized that I had forgotten my poetry book, and we spent half the class reading from it. I was sure I had packed it, though. Then I got back to my dorm and still could not find it. I think it fell out of my backpack in the halls somewhere. It would probably be either on the second story of the Center for the Arts, or in the first-story hallway of Baldy, or less likely, in the hallway the honors office is in. I want to go look for it, but I probably would not get back in time for dinner. Maybe I could go afterward. The problem with that, though, is that I have a lot of reading to do for globalization class, and then I have to answer one of those questions about it (giving specific examples–blah!).

In other news, I finally bought shampoo, and I have discovered that rinsed hair does indeed get greasy after two days.

The objectively good thing that happened recently is that I finally got a little comic drawn. It is more WTH-ish than funny, but I have had that scene in my head almost since the beginning of my story-comic’s conception.

Violet Black




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