28 02 2007


Feral instincts and good intentions do not produce universally desirable results.




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1 03 2007

heh. I was amused. We used to have real problems with my elderly grandmother’s cat leaving mice under the table and she wouldn’t find them until visitors came >_

2 03 2007

And you say that you can’t draw! Look at the closeup frame of Kenny and you will see why I have said, all along, that you CAN draw.

Be warned: I would have preferred for you to have become involved in a group other than Campus Crusade. I met some wonderful people there when I was in it in college, but I am telling you that they will suck the life out of you if you don’t stand your ground, and especially you, because you feel obligated to do things just because other people think you should. Keep in mind that the staff members are usually NOT students and really don’t know what you’re going through as far as time constraints are concerned. So don’t let them suck the life out of you. They will try to involve you in a small group Bible study and perhaps even meeting one-on-one with a staff member; then they will try to get you to lead a Bible study and “disciple” other students. Not that these are bad things. It might work out okay for you. I’m just telling you to be wary of being extended beyond what you are able to commit yourself to. They will try to do that.

Love, Mom

2 03 2007

I know that Samuel always trying to share his treats with us was an inspiration for this comic. Precious kitty.

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