Annoyed with myself

26 02 2007

Today, out of boredom,
I rejoined OKCupid
And answered a few questions,
Missing dinner entirely
After having been hungry
Ever since breakfast.
What he hell is wrong with me?
If I wanted to do something stupid
It should at least have been
In the name of homework
Which is plentiful.
Now what shall I eat.

Note: That was not a poem. My assignments just have me thinking in lines.




3 responses

27 02 2007

Okay, you seriously have to stop the Marie Curie imitation. Here’s the deal. Your eating habits are going to make you mentally confused. I want you to go down to dinner every day at 6:00 except when you have those seminars on Wed. and Thur. When you do have those seminars, make sure you do what you need to do before class so that you can go straight to the cafeteria. I swear I’m thinking of hiring someone to go over there and MAKE you go to the cafeteria and eat breakfast and dinner every day. Alejandro is out of work now, and he and Dustin are still broken up. I should pay him to drive over there and appear at your door and physically drag you to the cafeteria. You need to just DO it.


P.S. Richard Simmons, the new counselor (since November) from the Sheridan Drive location, died!!! The State Police were interviewing Jackie (poor Jackie) and everything–not because she did anything, but just to try to get any info they could, as I understand that Richard is dead and his wife is nowhere to be found. I don’t know if you remember him from the Christmas party: 55-60ish guy with slightly longish gray hair. Never a dull moment at Beacon Center. Usually it’s the clients or their relatives who are getting shot.

Unless you want to share Richard’s fate, I suggest that you put yourself on a reasonable schedule AND EAT, dammit! You’re upsetting me!

27 02 2007

P.S. Nobody is saying how he died.

28 02 2007

hmm, I always wonder why I never see you down in the dining hall anymore.
I won;t threaten to hunt you down and drag you to dinner, but that’s merely because I no longer know where you live. ’cause lets face it, eating is important, coming from a family of nutritionists and sufferers of eating disorders I can tell you that with a reasonable degree of assurance. ^_~ JUST DO IT. As the Nike commercials would tell you. Assuming you’re on speaking terms with Nike commercials, which while possible is somewhat unlikely.

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