Big eyes, small mouth

23 02 2007

Dear Blog,

My latest perseveration-du-jour is alien babies. Since some people found a skull that appears healthy (i.e. not damaged or malformed) and has some (mitochondrial) human DNA but does not look human at all, quite a bit of speculation is directed toward its possibilities. It is very interesting that there are ancient South American legends about alien-human breeding programs, since you would think that UFOs are a speculation of the space-age generation. I am pretty sure I do not believe in extra-terrestrials, but I think that a human-anything hybrid or even a rare subspecies of human is just plain neat. I want to meet one someday, but legends (and, if I recall correctly, modern abduction stories) state that the nonhumans take them away after a certain age unless, as appears to be the case with the skull, the hybrid dies in childhood. This research of mine started when I decided I wanted a non-idealized angelic hybrid in my fantasy comic, but this alien skull thing is fascinating in itself.

Also, check out the pictures! Some of them seriously give me the creeps (such as zero and two, which would probably scar me for life if I ever saw one in the flesh), but others of them remind me more of anime characters and are, in a strange way, rather cute. (Number eight vaguely reminds me of my how-to-draw-anime books and was drawn by someone who claims to have seen a live one. Numbers four and eleven could possibly help me begin to understand realistic and nonrealistic facial structures a bit better.) Yeeeeeeeeeah, I am not sure what the point was of posting all this, but I like information, even really outlandish or obscure forms of it.

Violet Black




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