Weekly Stress.

20 02 2007

Dear Blog,

1. I finished reading my poetry book and the assigned chapter from one of my globalization class books, but I still have pages 11 through 63 to read in the other globalization book. Then I have to answer a question on it all.

2. I think I have some decentish stuff to post for my poetry homework, but one of the poems needs to be given a proper closure and the other needs just a general second opinion (since I think it is mopey, whiny crap, and it does not even rhyme).

3. Up to this point, each poetry assignment we did was on a separate blog post, placed within the post among other students’ entries. However, the posts I am supposed to put my homework on have not appeared so far.

4. Up to page 63??? This stuff is boring!

5. I will not be able to cram all of my homework into tomorrow because I have three classes. I will not be able to cram all of my homework into Thursday because I am meeting a girl in an on-campus restaurant for lunch and presumably conversation.

6. It had better not be an order-type restaurant, because I never order my own food. I find it miraculous that some people are able to make decisions with a time limit and a service person staring at them. Under ideal conditions it generally takes me at least five minutes to figure out The Best Solution to any problem, but ideal conditions include perfect solitude. I wish I could miss this appointment, but then Susie would be scarred for life and hate me in addition.

7. I really want to draw. I have some interesting reference works that I could use to compose an interesting portrait of Kenny and Rinzii Morei, but I have homework to do. Not to mention all the comics.

8. Please ask Diane who Patrick Williams is?

Oh, Mom just IM’ed me. No more point in blogging, then.

Violet Black

P.S. 9. What does the inside of a confessional look like, and what is the nature of a confessional conversation? First page of meh comic, as far as it is scripted right now.




2 responses

21 02 2007

I clicked on

I clicked on “more”, but the same screen showed up. You could have it planned in your head in advance what you want to order for lunch. I do that anyway, just to save time. I’m glad that you’re eating lunch for once. Do you know anyone who will be inducted into Psi Eta Sigma on Sunday? Did I get that right?

22 02 2007

The inside of a confessional- Well, really not much to speak of, you usually have a small, wooden chair (kind of a middling range of comfortable) although I’ve also seen them with a small kneeling apparatus. (not one that kneels for you, but rather one which you kneel on) You’re closeted in this little (4×4? for the one in the church back home) room thing. There’s this wooden barrier with a wicker covered ‘window’ at about where your head is while you sit in the chair. On the other side is the priest.
I’ve honestly only confessed with two different priests, and the conversations vary significantly. The one was kind of an idle, meandering chat about things that I’ve done long as of late. He just kinda lets you go till you think you’ve covered everything, then he kind of reassures you of god’s saving power and suggests some general life things that you can do to improve in the future. No real penance assigned (of course, maybe I just hadn’t done anything drastic enough) The second one was a lot more philosophical (maybe theological?) and would interject while I confessed, asking about reasons and occasionally referencing scripture. Then he gave me some hail mary’s (cause they never hurt) to say everyday and some passages to read in the bible. So yeah.
Interiors of confessionals = unexciting
Conversation there in = variable

hopefully this isn’t too late for whatever it was needed for.

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