Happenings of today

15 02 2007

Dear Blog,

Today I got up, threw together some random excrement as a globalization class assignment, and rushed to Japanese class while grabbing a thingy of candy and a thingy of milk on the way. Upon arriving, I realized that I had missed a writing assignment because I had forgotten to turn the class schedule over when I was copying it to my homework notebook planner-thing. Cue banging of head on wall. Then I went up to the globalization class thingy, and the teacher paused on his way to the room to complement the way I had answered the homework question(s). I hoped that he did not see that I was just finishing the reading homework as he spoke (which, actually, is not quite finished as of right now…), but he later mentioned that because that reading was added late, some people were expected not to have finished it. So anyway…yeah. Now I have globalization reading and documentary reading from this week to catch up on, and then poetry reading and more globalization reading for next week. Plus I am one week behind in comicking, and I plan on going to a church whatsit tonight if I can get around fast enough. Oh, and as a note to my family, I am thinking of staying on campus an hour or two after normal pickup time for a random movie.

Violet Black




One response

15 02 2007

A random films ,the main stay of the college experience. I remember watching some mildly traumatizing and entirely terrible French horror film about killer lesbians last semester. Simply because it was there. And I hope that your random movie is better than that.

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