The speech again…

14 02 2007

Dear Blog,

Today after documentary class, my teacher took me aside and told me that I seem to be a good and talented student (surprisingly, since she would have little reference point at this time), but I need to open up more and talk in class, participate in discussions, and look people in the eye. (I am not sure that she realized how hard it was to look her in the eye at the time…) But yeaaaaahhhhhhh…after nineteen and a half years, one person’s suggestion is going to change everything? And why does everyone think that they are the special one, the person who by their words is going to change my life? I swear, if I had a yen for every person who has told me that same thing…well, not that yen really adds up, but I am sure I would have at least a dollar! Not that it would help anything.


Violet Black




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