9 02 2007

Dear Blog,

Today someone in my Japanese class said, “I spent four hours compiling a C++ program, and you can’t spend five minutes studying??!” I wanted to say, “No, Mr. Smarty Pants, maybe I cannot, but I was valedictorian of a class of two hundred students anyway, so there!!” except he was talking to my classmate who has a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder. So yeah, I guess it is none of my business, eh? But it still gives me a chilling sense of perspective. If not for my consistently high grades, who knows what I would have been diagnosed with by now?

Violet Black




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10 02 2007

heh, yeah, I must admit one of the reasons that we (my family) never worried about my narcoleptic tendencies was simply because it doesn’t seem to effect me much in terms of overall performance. So thank goodness for natural aptitude. Also, what’s the deal with the locked post? It baffles me.

12 02 2007

I got on AOL while April was at dance class, but you were away. I get all panicky when I can’t locate you; must be a throwback to when the Bike Path Rapist roamed free. Did you go to BASIC tonight? There is supposed to be a storm sending 6 to 12 inches of snow our way tomorrow night and into Wednesday; I planned to take off on Wednesday afternoon anyway because April has a modeling audition for the fashion show at GCC–the one she was in last year. I was stressing a bit because it involves chauffeuring her to a lot of rehearsals, but then I found out that Alejandro and Dustin broke up, so Alex won’t be going back to PA. He needs money because he quit his job in PA to come back here, so maybe I can pay him to chauffeur April around for me. Nothing’s safer than a gay guy for an escort, eh? I hope. You know, the fashion show might be one of the subjects you can film for documentary class. How did the documentary go? Did the whole class view it????? I really could have benefitted from some VERY LOOSE clothing. Aaarrrgh. April got her official state learner’s permit in the mail today, with her photo on it and everything. When you were reaching all of these milestones, I always thought, “Well, at least I still have one young one here,” but now she’s going through the milestones very quickly! It sort of brought tears to my eyes to see my tiny little baby’s picture on a learner’s permit! How did she get to be sixteen so soon?
Thumpie is acting strangely. I think Nina stole his food again. Love you.


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