Random quote

7 02 2007

“being a Mummy you only have to think about yourself. but being a Mommy you can’t. at all.” –my sister

Oh, and I have another comic strip planned out for after I get tomorrow’s homework done. Does anyone have a problem with kids falling down and presumably getting a bit hurt?

(The overall story arc is far worse than that, though. It is evil–unapologetically so.)




3 responses

7 02 2007

LOL I soooo made that quote. And as for the thing about the comic strip, kids fall everyday. It just happens. HAHA Just kidding. That sucks.

8 02 2007

I suppose the falling down thing would depend on the context and on the severity of the wounds involved. Anyway. I paid the remainder of your college bill today; on the original bill, the $ 100 lab fee hadn’t been added yet, plus I was arguing with them, as I do every semester, about their failure to credit you with the Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship. So I wasn’t going to pay the whole thing until you got credited for that. The whole thing is frustrating. Incompetent state bureaucracy. So what’s the link to the poetry page? I want to see what you ended up posting.

Love, M

8 02 2007

Slap stick humor has been a staple of comics from the beginning, it be almost wrong NOT to include some at some point.

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