Yet another complaint…

31 01 2007

Dear Blog,

Right now, it is 12:12AM. I ought to shower and get ready for bed soon; I normally get up at 9:00 for my 11:00AM class, but my nighttime showers take a long time and the two-hour gap between my awakening and class generally melt away into nothing.

This is my status as far as homework is concerned.

I have the 11:00 class’s essay mostly completed except for a conclusion. I asked my mother for advice on the manner in which I should close the darn thing out, but she has been absent from the Internet all day long (as has my sister). Woe to my essay. I will have to figure out the conclusion tomorrow morning before class.

I also have to read 33 pages of a book and then write a response to, ”

Veseth uses basketball and soccer as metaphors to illustrate and argue that globalization involves a core-periphery economic power structure, but also that national and local identity formation acts a form of resistance to the forces of globalization. Yet, in drawing on the case of soccer clubs in Brazil, he is pessimistic about the potential of this resistance to break the cycle of winners and losers in the global market place.

Can you think of either an example or argument (in any cultural field not just sports) that might provide a counter to Vesth’s concern that successful local resistance to the forces of globalization seems to lead to economic fragmentation and doom. Whatever that means. At least I finished the first 26 pages of reading. This must be done by Thursday morning, but tomorrow I have classes from 11:00-1:00, 2:00-3:00, and 4:00-7:00, and I am a very slow reader. (That is, less than a page per minute under normal circumstances minus distractions. Sometimes the calculation of one page per two minutes has proven itself accurate.) It does not help that I am so bored and lonely that I would rather be doing practically anything but this. Hmm, come to think of it, 33 pages and between-class hours ought to get me through the reading okay, and then I can work out my answer after dinner tomorrow. I still worry about the essay and my sleep patterns, though. Thank goodness for good-tasting pumpkin spice coffee.


Oh, wait, Gibbermad commented on it.


Violet Black




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