And for my next assignment, I need a best friend.

30 01 2007

Dear Blog,

[On a note related to the preceding entry, speech is a cruel mistress.]

Anyway, my current Japanese assignment (for tomorrow, that is) asks an interesting series of questions. Translated, they are:


1. Who is your best friend?

2. What kinds of foods does this person like? What kinds of foods do they hate?

3. Is this person a student? Where are they now?

4. Does this person like sports? What [kinds] do they often do?

5. What does this person often do over the weekend?

B. Using the answers from A, write a description of your best friend.


Where would I get that kind of information on any one person? I only really know as much about people as the setting I met them in implies. And sports? Why would I get close enough to sports to know who likes them?

Maybe I should write about my family, since I at least know what foods they like. But I think that they also avoid sports for the most part, with the exception of my sister’s dance lessons…



Violet Black




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