Dang it to heck! Missed the movie.

26 01 2007

Dear Blog,

Today I was supposed to watch a documentary so that I will be able to write a paper about it for a Wednesday class. I got there on time, but…”there” was the wrong place. I rushed back to the correct “there”, which was the complex I actually live in, but looking around all of the television-equipped lobbies did not help me to find my classmates or the film. This is very bad. I feel unhappy about it. Cry with me.

I wonder where I am going to get a documentary from the list that I can do the paper on. Do video rental establishments carry documentaries? Maybe, now that I have the chance, I can do the paper on a different film than the one I was going to. There are a lot of subjects that interest me more than homosexual African American men. No offense to any who are out there, of course.

And in other news, next week’s classes require a ton of reading and a bit of writing, and I am not sure if my Japanese homework is complete or not because the assignment was workbook pages 99 to 101, and part of the task on page 101 spilled over to page 102. It would be pretty difficult for me to do that anyway, as it requires knowledge of a best friend’s favorite foods/sports/et cetera. Why would I know that about someone unless we met though a culinary or sports club, which I am not a part of? *le sigh*

I think I make a big deal out of everything and thus stress myself out.

Maybe if I had not wasted last night and this afternoon seeking out stock photos of <insert concept vaguely related to Violet’s comic plotlines here> on DeviantArt and saving them to my hard drive, I would have had time to read next week’s assignments, practice drawing from my art book, and/or kill monsters on Fly For Fun. My time management skills leave much to be desired.


Violet Black




One response

29 01 2007

Wow. I actually just installed FlyFF on my hard drive a couple days ago. The graphics are highly amusing. And yeah, alot of places carry at least Big Name documentaries, like City of God or March of the Penguins. I have vague recollections of being told ‘Mondo Video’ on south has a selection of such things.

And yeah. Time management skills. Not so much.

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