Minor update to the below ongoing situation

20 01 2007

Mother came up to and said, “It kind of stops somewhere.” That is either a glitch in my Flash or my HTML. Dear holy heavens, she is playtesting my visual novel. Jesus give me strength. JesusJesusJesusJesusJesusJesusJesus…

My symphonic metal has failed to protect me from the world, despite its loudness.

I want to live in a bubble. I will paint it so I cannot see out and pad it with bubble wrap and tissues so I cannot hear out.

Update: Mom likes the art. She is also still buzzing somewhere under the singer’s voice and the thick strings.




2 responses

21 01 2007

Ah, symphonic metal, the solution to all life’s worries. Wither that or terrifying Norwegian men screaming into microphones. Something Like that. never having seen said project, I can’t say to much about it, but I know that I 9personally) always fear others seeing works I consider ‘incomplete’ that said, external criticism is necessary for any real improvements, so perhaps try and think of this in a positive light? Maybe.

As to the lat comment, the panels that gave me the most trouble was the last one in the running comic. Whatever is being said is hard to read. And the lettering looks like it’s sufficiently clear, it’s just smaller than I might like.


23 01 2007

What does that mean, when you leave a comment they want the Url? What Url?? Anyway, your visual novel, as much as I could see of it, was lovely. And THE GREAT Py’Tom liked it, too. I think what he liked most of all was your killer (in this case, literally as far as the story line goes) wit. Incidentally, an inability to do rhyme and meter in poetry is, in my opinion, indicative of a lack of talent. You will remember that even John Gardner’s poetry rhymed. Edgar Allen Poe’s poetry rhymed. And, speaking of genius-level IQs, yours also rhymes. What’s-his-face’s doesn’t. Don’t forget your class Wednesday. Love you!

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