Real first post

18 01 2007

Dearest Blog,

First off, let me post a link to, which is a shop for alternative-energy heating systems. Somebody else’s blog mentioned that he got one and it works very well.

Second, let me mention that I missed a class yesterday. It was my third class of the day, and I went home right after my second. I realized ten minutes after the class was over (that is, about four hours after going home) that I had had another class to go to. I have a different class at that same time today, and I hope to God I do not miss it.

Third, as long as I am talking to myself, I wonder what I should have for breakfast. I hate eating, but I would also hate to 1) feel hungry all day long, 2) have my stomach make odd noises in class, and 3) get any thinner. I mean, the other day I was washing my face and I got so freaked out–I felt like a skeleton! I still look good from some angles, but from others I really do look like I was eating one meal a day over most of the vacation and then got too sick last weekend to do even that. Urgh, this is creepy. I want to be pretty again.

And lastly…I hate blogs, having had a bad experience with one that was meant for my family but turned out not to be, but I just needed to vent somewhere. That and host any comics I draw. Yeah, I chose a blogging site to host a webcomic. Right. But really, I did need a private space. Maybe since my family was not online yesterday and has not gotten home from school/work yet today, I can talk to this blank void of zeroes and ones. It beats posting a dream log in the Digital Landfill. But then, that was kind of an odd dream to post, so a blog might not have been appropriate for it.

I should go get something to eat. Sometime. Maybe. I must be the laziest person in the world, because normal-grade lazy people get fat from eating food.




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