Note to self:

18 01 2007

This column is too small to contain my comic. I must change it to something that is 800 pixels wide–preferably something homemade, since I bought all of this trippy software last semester and whatnot. I know it should be 700 because the rest of the screen has to fit and some people’s screens are only 800 pixels wide…in Povertisia or something, but yeah…I tried 700 pixels for the comics, and the lettering became more unreadable than it already is. Okie dokie…so that is something to do in the near future. I want keep it the color scheme roughly similar, but…maybe a completely different template with the graphics replaced will do the job.

Now what shall I draw?




2 responses

18 01 2007

Aye, it must be wider. Although you can still open said comics and see them in the whole. Also maybe blow them up a little after scanning? I had trouble reading small portions of some of them! But whatever this music is, it’s pretty awesome!
The layout is nice too by the way, I don’t know how much you had to do with it, but that header beast is nice lookin’

19 01 2007

Thanks for the feedback.^^

Some of the comic stuff is actually supposed to be hard to read, such as in the second comic where the words go behind the people and the last girl mumbles. But you have a point…this is a common problem for me to encounter when scanning hand-lettered comics (i.e. the Vacationing in Mexico series I have somewhere on my hard drive). Maybe I should make them bigger…and/or maybe have them scaled for the blog but able to be expanded when clicked on…

Maybe I should also get in the habit of typing the dialogue in the space below where the comics appear, just for clarity. Which panels are most troublesome so far?

Bonus point: How many maybes are in this comment, not including this sentence here?

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