I whine yet again, with severity.

31 01 2007

Dear Blog,

I finally got all that reading done, maybe an hour ago. Now what I have left to do is post an example of how local resistance to globalization is not always Doom; I also must write two compositions in Japanese. Man, I hate nonfiction writing.

Where was my family today? Beep beep it to beep, you guys! What kind of support system is this??

All the really productive people I know of have somebody to report back to, someone to…I do not know, exist.

As it is, I would really like to be making a comic about either myself, something random, or Kenny; or else I should practice drawing from the instruction books’ examples, which I have not done in at least a week. However, I have these two writing assignments and would not be unreasonable enough to do something “fun” like that without getting my work out of the way. Eventually. After I stare at the wall and think misanthropic thoughts.


Female otaku, 5’5.5″, blonde, blue eyes, slender physique, seeks lifetime-guaranteed single-unit human support system. Applicants must be both biologically and genetically male, though appearance need not correspond closely. Applicants also must provide evidence of Divine guidance having initiated application. Acceptance of application will involve legal contract and fluffy civil ceremony. Support systems that fail to support will be dismissed. Additional duties include philosophizing, hugs, and decorating environments with mere presence. Must love Jesus and have high tolerance for pessimistic rambling.

Maybe if I were a good little Christian, I would be close enough to God not to feel lonely when I go through an ordinary day communicating only with those weird pink things that move around in my Japanese class–what are they again? Oh, right, classmates. Yes, I isolate myself and then complain about it. But honestly, I cannot remember the last time those animate classroom scenery props made me feel less isolated. (No offense.)

Fuuuuuuh, this misanthropism is probably also one of the major reasons I am alone. That and the fact that my sister has done the public service of demonstrating the drama and heartache that result from dating without a sign from Above, of course.

In the time it took to write this entry, any normal person could have had both assignments completed. But not me. What does that say? Does that make me a slacker, a moron, or just an anti-social anarchist hippie?

Love in a detached, alien sort of way,
Violet Black


Yet another complaint…

31 01 2007

Dear Blog,

Right now, it is 12:12AM. I ought to shower and get ready for bed soon; I normally get up at 9:00 for my 11:00AM class, but my nighttime showers take a long time and the two-hour gap between my awakening and class generally melt away into nothing.

This is my status as far as homework is concerned.

I have the 11:00 class’s essay mostly completed except for a conclusion. I asked my mother for advice on the manner in which I should close the darn thing out, but she has been absent from the Internet all day long (as has my sister). Woe to my essay. I will have to figure out the conclusion tomorrow morning before class.

I also have to read 33 pages of a book and then write a response to, ”

Veseth uses basketball and soccer as metaphors to illustrate and argue that globalization involves a core-periphery economic power structure, but also that national and local identity formation acts a form of resistance to the forces of globalization. Yet, in drawing on the case of soccer clubs in Brazil, he is pessimistic about the potential of this resistance to break the cycle of winners and losers in the global market place.

Can you think of either an example or argument (in any cultural field not just sports) that might provide a counter to Vesth’s concern that successful local resistance to the forces of globalization seems to lead to economic fragmentation and doom. Whatever that means. At least I finished the first 26 pages of reading. This must be done by Thursday morning, but tomorrow I have classes from 11:00-1:00, 2:00-3:00, and 4:00-7:00, and I am a very slow reader. (That is, less than a page per minute under normal circumstances minus distractions. Sometimes the calculation of one page per two minutes has proven itself accurate.) It does not help that I am so bored and lonely that I would rather be doing practically anything but this. Hmm, come to think of it, 33 pages and between-class hours ought to get me through the reading okay, and then I can work out my answer after dinner tomorrow. I still worry about the essay and my sleep patterns, though. Thank goodness for good-tasting pumpkin spice coffee.


Oh, wait, Gibbermad commented on it.


Violet Black

As long as I have no one else to talk to…

30 01 2007

Me: Once upon a time there was a potato which conquered the world.
GavnCraig: Did it remember its roots?

Cogito, ergo doleo.
I think, therefore I am depressed.
Non curo. Si metrum non habet, non est poema.
I don’t care. If it doesn’t rhyme, it isn’t a poem.

Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam.
I have a catapult. Give me all the money, or I will fling an enormous rock at your head.

One day a blind baby rabbit and a blind baby snake bumped into each other.
“Hey, watch where you’re going!”
“No, you watch where you’re going!”
“I can’t, I’m blind!”
“Hey, me too. What are you?”
“I don’t know, what are you?”
“I don’t know, either. How about we check each other out and see if we can figure out what we are?”
“OK, me first,” said the rabbit. The snake comes over to the rabbit and starts checking him out.
“Well, you’re warm, and soft, and furry, and you’ve got these long ears, and a nose that wiggles. I think you’re a rabbit!”
“Yes!” the rabbit exclaims. “I’m a rabbit, YEHHH !!”
“Yes, you must be! Now it’s my turn! Come check me out!!”
The rabbit then starts checking out the snake: “Ooohh — you’re cold and clammy, real slimy with little beady eyes, no forehead, and a tongue that’s going about 100 mph!”
“Oh, sh’t!” exclaims the snake, “I’m a lawyer!”

(That oddity was taken from here, although the site in general is not to my taste. I just found it through a Latin-phrase link.)

Man, I have to get back to work.

~La petite violete du noir

And for my next assignment, I need a best friend.

30 01 2007

Dear Blog,

[On a note related to the preceding entry, speech is a cruel mistress.]

Anyway, my current Japanese assignment (for tomorrow, that is) asks an interesting series of questions. Translated, they are:


1. Who is your best friend?

2. What kinds of foods does this person like? What kinds of foods do they hate?

3. Is this person a student? Where are they now?

4. Does this person like sports? What [kinds] do they often do?

5. What does this person often do over the weekend?

B. Using the answers from A, write a description of your best friend.


Where would I get that kind of information on any one person? I only really know as much about people as the setting I met them in implies. And sports? Why would I get close enough to sports to know who likes them?

Maybe I should write about my family, since I at least know what foods they like. But I think that they also avoid sports for the most part, with the exception of my sister’s dance lessons…



Violet Black


30 01 2007

Dear Blog,

Today I have to memorize a conversation in Japanese which I will need to recite in an hour. Maybe I could do it, but we have to fill in several words ourselves, and I have no idea what word I can use for the kind of music we like. We only know a very few words for that. “Loud”, “soft”, “quiet”…I was originally going to use “colorful”, since I thought that it also meant “passionate” and because I really do pick my music based on the visual component of it. (No, I do not use drugs. I never needed to in order to think like an LSD addict.) Then I actually looked the word up, and its other meaning is actually “sensual”. No thank thee, ye can take thy pimps, hoes, and half-naked pop idols elsewhere.

The other things I need to do are write an essay on a documentary (by tomorrow), read a lot of pages in a book about the globalization of society, and write a couple of paragraphs about an example that counters the reading (by Thursday). All of that seems pretty hard, and I am very bad at organizing myself. Even though I honestly do not have any urgent non-academic tasks to do, those three classes have provided me with all the stress I need.


I hate communicating.


Violet Black

Dang it to heck! Missed the movie.

26 01 2007

Dear Blog,

Today I was supposed to watch a documentary so that I will be able to write a paper about it for a Wednesday class. I got there on time, but…”there” was the wrong place. I rushed back to the correct “there”, which was the complex I actually live in, but looking around all of the television-equipped lobbies did not help me to find my classmates or the film. This is very bad. I feel unhappy about it. Cry with me.

I wonder where I am going to get a documentary from the list that I can do the paper on. Do video rental establishments carry documentaries? Maybe, now that I have the chance, I can do the paper on a different film than the one I was going to. There are a lot of subjects that interest me more than homosexual African American men. No offense to any who are out there, of course.

And in other news, next week’s classes require a ton of reading and a bit of writing, and I am not sure if my Japanese homework is complete or not because the assignment was workbook pages 99 to 101, and part of the task on page 101 spilled over to page 102. It would be pretty difficult for me to do that anyway, as it requires knowledge of a best friend’s favorite foods/sports/et cetera. Why would I know that about someone unless we met though a culinary or sports club, which I am not a part of? *le sigh*

I think I make a big deal out of everything and thus stress myself out.

Maybe if I had not wasted last night and this afternoon seeking out stock photos of <insert concept vaguely related to Violet’s comic plotlines here> on DeviantArt and saving them to my hard drive, I would have had time to read next week’s assignments, practice drawing from my art book, and/or kill monsters on Fly For Fun. My time management skills leave much to be desired.


Violet Black


24 01 2007


I drew this in Japanese class for no reason.